Trump Mirror

What is Trump Mirror and how do I play it?

Trump Mirror lets you have an exclusive access into what it is like being the President of the United States of America. (Scholars a hundred years from now will undoubtedly call it the digital Las Meninas of the 21st century) The Trump Head will follow all of your movements, giving you the impression you are Trump looking into a mirror. Do not play for too long though, because of the uncanny realism of this highly sophisticated simulation game, your brain might get fooled and start to believe you are indeed the President of the United States of America.

Please read the list below for some ideas of what to do and what not whilst playing Trump Mirror and some safety precautions you might want to consider before playing Trump Mirror.


What to do whilst playing Trump Mirror, pre-game and in-game safety measures:

  1. Think about the current times, all the hate in the world and how we can make thinks better.
  2. Live life to the fullest and enjoy every single moment.
  3. Jizz in your pants. Why not? If that’s your kinda thing, we won’t judge. Although, on second thought, we would probably think there is something fundamentally wrong with you. But we promise we won’t tell anyone.
  4. Drive or operate heavy machinery … not! Although Trump Mirror is seemingly very easy to play, it does take up a lot of your attention and we strongly recommend you to not drive or operate heavy machinery whilst playing Trump Mirror.
  5. Be sick. When we conducted experiments on our lab rats playing Trump Mirror, we noticed that many of them became sick. Most likely due to motion sickness whilst playing the game. For safety reasons, we strongly recommend to take the necessary preparations before playing Trump Mirror. This includes not eating for at least three hours before playing and keeping a bucket within reach, just in case.
  6. Jizz in your pants. Haven’t we already mentioned that? Why would we mention that twice, or why did we even mention it once? What the hell is wrong with us? Please don’t judge. But then to be fair, when playing Trump Mirror for long enough and one really transcends oneself into the role of the potus, there are some overwhelming feelings to be felt!
  7. Contemplate going to the AppStore or PlayStore to buy the paid version of Mein Trumpf (My Trump on iOS, still search for Mein Trumpf, otherwise you will have to scroll past like a thousand Trump apps before you reach ours).
  8. Ji… no! That’s enough! We’re not gonna make that joke again.
  9. Eat something. This is just a test to see if you have been listening! Of course we don’t want you to eat, see bullet points 4 and 5.
  10. Do presidential stuff. In case you are indeed Donald Trump, playing Trump Mirror should feel like second nature to you and you can safely go ahead with doing presidential stuff whilst playing Trump Mirror.
  11. Try to make sense of what the hell is going on in the world. Good luck!
  12. Don't forget to covfefe.

All set, you are well prepared to play Trump Mirror now!


We hope you have fun playing Trump Mirror. For a long time we thought not to release this game, because of the obvious reason. The highly realistic renderings in this game in combination with a skilled voice actor could be used by bad hombres to make a FaceTime call to the White House and obtain the nuclear launch codes. We have thought of this however and sent a warning tweet to Homeland Security, so you can rest assured at night.


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