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Mein Trumpf*

Featuring the best lines from todays hottest comedian/president of the United Sates Donald Trump. Mein Trumpf is the number one app when it comes to laughing about Trump on the AppStore.

The new version features a standup mode, which lets you turn Donald Trump into a standup comedian and it will keep you laughing for hours.

The new Video Response mode lets you record short video responses to his quotes, which you can upload to our server to let the world know what you really think about Trump, whether you are a Trump hater or supporter. You can also privately share your video responses with your friends, straight from the app, using email, text message, WhatsApp or whatever other social or messaging platform you use.

The current version features over 125+ quotes already and new ones are added at a frequent basis (Trump seems to keep supplying them on a steady basis).

Here is what Donald Trump has to say about Mein Trumpf**:

“Mein Trumpf … is an app … let me tell you people … it is so great … some people say … let me tell you this … it is the greatest app … some very, very smart people … let me tell you this … everybody knows that … this app is so great … the best people in the world have told me … you cannot believe this …”

* On the Apple AppStore the app is known as My Trump as the name Mein Trumpf was not allowed by Apple to use, even after explaining to them on the phone that Mein Trumpf is the German translation of My Trump.
** This is obviously a joke. To clarify, Donald Trump does not endorse this app (as far as we know) and probably doesn’t know of its existence and if he would, we strongly doubt he would have anything positive to say about the app.



Check out our new mobile game!

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click here to get the free game

TrumpTweetTrumps (TTT) lets you play a Trumps style card game with Donald Trump tweets. There are over 140 cards in the game which you get to win as you progress in the game. The categories on the cards are:

Each round, the winner of the previous round gets to pick the category and the card with the highest number in that category wins his opponents card and the round. The game is over when one player has all the cards.

Throughout the game you get to play Trump themed mini games to collect points and rewards on the presidential side quests.

Download the game today and have fun for hours!

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